Recruitment For Customer Service Representative In USA


Recruitment For Customer Service Representative In USA

The United States of America commonly called the United States or America is a country in the central part of North America. It is made up of a federal district, 50 states, five major self governing territories, and several other possessions. It’s regarded as the third most populous country in the world with a population of over 328 million people. New York is the largest city in terms of population with Washington DC as the capital city. As a result of its developed economy, it leads to the creation of several companies which prompt the availability of several employment opportunities to teeming job seekers.

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Job Details

A customer service representative is an individual charged with the responsibility of handling customers requests, requests, complaints, and provide useful and valuable information about products and services. As a customer service representative, you’re required to be customer service oriented, friendly, and demonstrated a positive attitude

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  • Handle customers complaints, inquiries and requests
  • Providing adequate and timely response to customer requests, complaints, and inquiries
  • Serves as a guide to customers in choosing the appropriate product or service
  • Helps in order and request processing
  • Maintain and keep proper records of all requests, complaints, and inquiries
  • Other duties assigned
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  • High school diploma or similar
  • Demonstrated a positive attitude
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Warm and friendly demeanor
  • Comfortable using computers.

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